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Promoting the industry in Scotland

The Scottish Government describes business services as “a crucial sector for Scotland”.1 According to Scottish Government figures:

  • growth in Scotland’s business services rose by 75 per cent between 1998 and 2009, more than in the UK as a whole.
  • The sector accounted for employment of 263,400 in 2008, around 11 per cent of all employment in Scotland.
  • In 2008, business services exports to the rest of the UK stood at just under £1.9 billion, while exports to the rest of the world were around £0.7 billion.2

Our industry therefore has a crucial role to play - as an engine of growth and prosperity across Scotland; contributing to the delivery of public services; and achieving the Government’s wider social value objectives.

The BSA Scotland Group (page in members area) looks at private and public sector procurement issues in Scotland. Its work includes roundtables with Government ministers and officials, responses to Government consultations, and discussion of business-to-business outsourcing.

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