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Commissioning Dialogues

December 2012

By Adrian Harvey with Claire Mansfield and George McFarlane

Local government has made use of the private and voluntary sectors to deliver public services for decades. While public-private-partnerships have sometimes been controversial, the evidence suggests that they have often delivered improvements to council services. As many authorities go down the route of becoming commissioning councils – turning away from traditional in-house provision in favour of some form of outcome-focused delivery – it is more important than ever that they have a fully functioning and competitive marketplace.


Controlling Public Spending: Pay, Staffing and Conditions in the Public Sector

Policy Exchange: June 2010

By Ed Holmes and Andrew Lilico

This report argues the case for reducing public sector pay, pensions and other terms and conditions through comparison with the private sector. The report highlights and discusses the contribution such reforms could make to cutting the public deficit.

ISBN 978-1-906097-80-6