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Local Government Pension Scheme investments

14 December 2015

By House of Commons Library

House of Commons Library note examining the current debate around Local Government Pension Schemes pooling their investments and whether more can be done to encourage their investment in infrastructure

Smart People, Smart Places: Realising Digital Local Government

March 2014

By Maia Beresford

This report makes the case for digital local government and explores progress in the sector to date. It finds that while good practice is emerging, councils are facing barriers which mean that they are still not realising the full benefits of digital technology for their places.

NLGN, ISBN 978-1-909781-02-3

Many to many: How the relational state will transform public services

February 2014

By Rick Muir, Imogen Parker

This landmark report sets out a new ‘relational state’ agenda for public service reform that would address complex problems holistically, provide more intensive and personalised engagement at the frontline of service delivery, and empower and engage citizens.


Beyond Big Contracts

January 2014

By Dan Crowe, Tom Gash, Henry Kippin

This report is the output of a joint project between Collaborate and the Institute for Government, supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. It aims to convey the experience of those organisations and workers most closely involved in delivering complex services, such as adult social care, mental health drug and alcohol rehabilitation and special educational needs.

Institute for Government

Redefining local government


This Talking Points report argues that there is a need for a new framework that enables local authorities to make strategic choices leading to the redesign and development of new ways of working on the ground.


Building tech-powered public services

IPPR: 10 December 2013

By Sarah Bickerstaffe

This report looks at 20 case studies of digital innovation in public services, using these examples to explore the impact of new and disruptive technologies. It considers how tech-powered public services can be delivered, focusing on the area of health and social care in particular.


Changing Places: How innovation and transformation is taking place in local government

Localis: October 2013

This report looks at how ready the local government sector is to innovate and transform to meet the challenges of budgetary pressures and rising demand. It highlights the new approaches councils are taking.

Localis and Civica, ISBN 978-0-9569055-7-4

Risky Business: Social Impact Bonds and public services

Social Market Foundation: 31 July 2013

By Nigel Keohane, Ian Mulheirn and Ryan Shorthouse

This new paper from the Social Market Foundation considers the flaws and opportunities of using Social Impact Bonds to finance public services.

Social Market Foundation

Making Public Service Markets Work

Institute for Government: July 2013

By Tom Gash

This paper from the Institute for Government proposes reforms to public sector markets in terms of how both the state and providers operate.

Institute for Government

Thinking the Unthinkable: Local Government after the next Spending Review

Pricewaterhouse Coopers: June 2013

This report considers how local authorities might approach further cuts which they are likely going to be required to make during the next spending round.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Government's Estate Strategy

June 2013

By Government Property Unit

The Government Estate Strategy, developed by the Government Property Unit in collaboration with estate teams from across Whitehall, sets out ways of accelerating savings and driving better performance from the central civil estate and examines plans for better co-ordination across the whole of the public sector estate.

Cabinet Office

Better Public Services: A Roadmap for Revolution

Policy Exchange: May 2013

By Sean Worth

This paper from Policy Exchange sets out how certain barriers need to be overcome to open up a market revolution in the delivery of public services.

Policy Exchange, ISBN 978-1-907689-49-9

Gaming the Cuts: Anyborough in 2018

April 2013

By Joe Manning

NLGN’s new report, Gaming the Cuts, warns that decisions like Newcastle City Council’s to cut its entire culture budget is likely to be a harbinger of far deeper cuts as local government pulls out of significant service areas such as leisure and tourism. Council support for schools could also be hard hit as local authorities push the burden on to academies, putting pressure on childcare, school transport and free school meals.


Integration Across Government

National Audit Office: March 2013

This NAO report on integration across government, claims that by operating in a more integrated way, government could reduce inefficiencies and deliver better public services.


Barriers to choice - a review of public services and the government's response

January 2013

By David Boyle

David Boyle met with service users and professionals across the country and spoke to them about their experiences of public services and what choice means to them. This initial government response welcomes David Boyle’s review and responds to the recommendations put forward. It highlights how the government has been extending and will continue to extend choice across public services.

Cabinet Office and Open Public Services

A review of the potential benefits from the better use of information and technology in Health and Social Care

January 2013

By PwC

In December 2012 the Secretary of State commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (“PwC”) to undertake a high-level piece of work highlighting the potential benefits that could be achievable through the more efficient and effective use of information and technology in the NHS and social care before any action is taken.

In particular, the review focussed on highlighting further material evidence over and above that presented in the IA that helped to demonstrate “the most promising areas where significant net benefits in terms of cash, time and resources… can be released from the health and social care system for reinvestment in improved services and patient outcomes”. The review is therefore additional to the baseline view presented in the IA.


Delivering better healthcare outcomes more efficiently: A £2.3 billion and Hyde Park sized Opportunity


By EC Harris

With more than half of the £20 billion Nicholson savings challenge completed, there are still major savings to be found to complete this daunting task across the NHS. Add in “tariff negative” settlements for healthcare providers over the next few years plus the full implementation of Clinical Commissioning Groups and it is clear that radical change to the way the NHS does business will remain at the top of the agenda.

EC Harris

The power of partnership: how to seize the potential


Sodexo has been supporting the partnerships report series, which explores how providers from the private and third sector can best work with the NHS.

A reference panel of senior leaders convened in early 2012 to author the first report, which made the case for partnership working between sectors.

In 2013, the group met again to produce a practical guide, with tips for all sectors, on how to procure for and deliver partnership contracts.

The report looks at three phases of the partnership process: getting started, procurement and delivery.


Commissioning Dialogues

December 2012

By Adrian Harvey with Claire Mansfield and George McFarlane

Local government has made use of the private and voluntary sectors to deliver public services for decades. While public-private-partnerships have sometimes been controversial, the evidence suggests that they have often delivered improvements to council services. As many authorities go down the route of becoming commissioning councils – turning away from traditional in-house provision in favour of some form of outcome-focused delivery – it is more important than ever that they have a fully functioning and competitive marketplace.


Cabinet Office Procurement Policy Note - Taking Account of Bidders' Past Performance

Cabinet Office: 8 November 2012

This Procurement Policy Note sets out how to take account of bidders’ past performance during a procurement, with detailed steps for implementing the PPN and templates to use as part of procurement documentation.