Commissioning for success: How to avoid the pitfalls of open public services

Institute for Government: 31 August 2012

By Kate Blatchford, Tom Gash

On paper, the Government’s vision for open public services sounds appealing. It will give people more choice. Innovative organisations will step up to provide public services in new ways. And competition will force poorly performing providers to up their game or face failure.

Not for profit: The role of the private sector in England’s schools

IPPR: August 2012

By Rick Muir

While there is a role for the private sector in our education system, schools themselves should not be run for profit. This paper argues that schools should be public institutions, situated at the heart of local communities and run in the public interest.

Institute for Public Policy Research

Army 2020

House of Commons Library: 26 July 2012

By Louisa Brooke-Holland, Tom Rutherford

The House of Commons library has published a briefing note on developments on the Army 2020 programme from the MoD.

Britain's Got Talent: Unlocking the demand for skills

Social Market Foundation: 11 July 2012

By John Springford and Ian Mulheirn

This paper makes the case for an entirely new approach using market signals – employment rates and wage levels – to identify and serve the demand for skills. The SMF’s model puts Further Education colleges in the driving seat empowering them and rewarding them for giving employers the skilled staff they need and boosting the productivity of the UK workforce.

ISBN 1-904899-77-3

Understanding Society July 2012: Evolving public services, evolving public opinion

Ipsos MORI: 11 July 2012

Ipsos MORI have examinedpublic service reform in the UK, and the future challenges they face in meeting public expectations and changing needs at a time of severe spending constraints.

Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute

Government Construction Strategy

The Cabinet Office: July 2012

The Cabinet Office has published an Action Plan Update and implementation report on the Government Construction Strategy.


Public Service Priorities to 2015

Populus: July 2012

Populus with Open Road have published a poll covering attitudes towards the Government’s programme of public service reform and the involvement of the private, charitable and voluntary sectors in public service delivery.

Under One Roof

Demos: 28 May 2012

By Claudia Wood, Jo Salter, Phillida Cheetham

The report maps out potential journeys of service users, demonstrating how earlier intervention and risk mitigation are integral to the efficient and equitable provision of services. It concludes that personal budgets, localism and community budgets provide a distinct opportunity for increased collaboration between health, housing and care which in turn will generate significant savings and allow for better targeting of services.

Demos, ISBN 978-1-909037-03-8

NHS Procurement: Raising our game

Department of Health: May 2012

This report looks at how the NHS could increase the quality of its procurement.


Food can be the best medicine

Reform and Danone: April 2012

Reform have published the transcript of its seminar series in conjunction with Danone on how food policy can be changed to become a mechanism of preventative healthcare.

ISBN 978-1-905730-63-6

Testing new commissioning models

Institute for Government: 14 March 2012

By Tom Gash, Kate Blatchford

In principle, testing new commissioning models rigorously before full roll out offers many benefits: methods of implementation can be investigated, contract designs can be perfected, and costly mistakes can be minimised. Yet there is a lack of advice which civil servants can draw upon to help them design tests of new commissioning models effectively. This guide starts to address this gap by capturing the growing body of experience within government and providing practical advice to help civil servants and commissioners learn about new commissioning models.

National Planning Policy Framework

Department for Communities and Local Government: March 2012

The National Planning Policy Framework sets out the Government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied.The framework is designed to boost homebuilding, reduce planning guidelines and to protect green spaces.

ISBN 978-1-4098-3413-7

Social Enterprise Schools: A potential profit-sharing model for the state-funded school system

Policy Exchange: 2012

By Andrew Laird and Justin Wilson, Edited by James Groves

Social Enterprise Schools says that the government should consider allowing private companies to set up and run schools under a “John Lewis” style social enterprise model. Teachers should be encouraged to take a stake in the school which would create strong incentives to drive up standards.

The report says that allowing private providers to take over the running of publicly run schools will create new places at a time when there is a severe shortage in many parts of the country.

Heron, Dawson and Sawyer, ISBN 978-1-907689-15-4

Partnerships for Healthy Outcomes - Modernising Health Sector Procurement: Making partnerships work between the public, private and third sectors

Sodexo: 2012

By Sir William Wells

This report analyses how three sectors – public, private and voluntary – could work together to improve healthcare delivery.

The State of the State

Deloitte and Reform: 2012

Reform has published a new report with Deloitte which explores how the public sector could learn from the private sector in order to run more efficiently.

Deloitte LLP and Reform, ISBN 978-1-905730-7107

Payment by Results: How can payment systems help to deliver better care?

The King's Fund: 2012

By John Appleby, Tony Harrison, Loraine Hawkins and Anna Dixon

Based on a review of the English NHS experience of Payment by Results (PbR) and international experience of similar, activity-based payment systems, this report identifies five general lessons about payment systems, draws some conclusions about whether our current Payment by Results system is fit for purpose in view of current and future challenges and presents options for how reforms to PbR could be taken forward.

ISBN 978 1 909029 01 9

Innovation, Health and Wealth

Department of Health: 5 December 2011

A Department of Health report on spreading innovation quickly and at scale throughout the NHS.

Young Foundation

Markets in a State? The Social Market Foundation at 21

Social Market Foundation: 17 November 2011

By Mary Ann Sieghart, Ian Mulheirn, Philip Collins, David Lipsey, David Owen, Peter Lilley, Robert Skidelsky, Dieter Helm and John Kay

To mark its 21st year, the Social Market Foundation commissioned essays by leading politicians, academics and journalists on social market policy in a period of sustained economic crisis. In this wide-ranging collection, Mary Ann Sieghart, Ian Mulheirn, Philip Collins, David Lipsey, David Owen, Peter Lilley, Robert Skidelsky, Dieter Helm and John Kay suggest how the boundaries between the state and the market should be redrawn.

ISBN 1-904899-75-7

From the Ground Up: Promising Criminal Justice Projects in the US and UK

Policy Exchange and Centre for Justice Innovation: November 2011

By Aubrey Fox and Gavin Lockhart

This Policy Exchange report sets out a range of high potential projects in the US and UK which are taking an innovative approach to tackling and reducing crime.

Policy Exchange, ISBN 978-1-907689-12-3

Providing and Funding Strategic Roads: An International Perspective with Lessons for the UK

RAC and Arup: November 2011

By John W Smith, Alexander Jan and Dan Phillips

The RAC Foundation explores how innovative financing models, including road pricing, could be used to fund development of Britain’s strategic road network.