Securing Britain in an Age of Uncertainty: The Strategic Defence and Security Review

Ministry of Defence: October 2010

In the SDSR the Government publishes its strategy for defence spending over the coming Parliament.


Perform: Helping the NHS deliver up to 20% efficiency savings

KPMG: October 2010

By Mark Britnell

This report from KPMG considers how the NHS could use new ways of working to operate more efficiently.

Refusing Treatment: The NHS and market-based reform

Civitas: October 2010

By Laura Brereton and James Gubb

This report shows evidence of NHS commissioners adopting a resistant attitude to using services from private providers.

ISBN 978-1-906837-19-8

Radical Efficiency: Different, better, lower cost public services

October 2010

Our experience working with local authorities on radical efficiency in practice has shown that the process can be mobilising and energising. Although timescales for cost-cutting are tight and the current environment is difficult and draining, radical efficiency offers practical steps and hope for something better in this tough time. It helps public service professionals to pursue the mission that attracted them to their roles in the first place – it is a route to helping improve the quality of people’s lives, even as cuts in spending are unavoidable.


The Intelligent Board 2010: Patient Experience

Dr Foster: September 2010

This report sets out how crucial patient experience is to medical outcomes and makes an assessment about how patient experience can best be measured.

Measuring Social Value

Demos: July 2010

By Claudia Wood and Dan Leighton

In an economic context where focus is increasingly placed on value for money public services, this report from Demos discusses the notion of what constitutes value for money in the public sector.

ISBN 978-1-906693-48-0

Governing and Paying for England's Roads

RAC Foundation: July 2010

By Stephen Glaister

This report proposes a radical reform of how England’s roads are funded. Included is the suggestion that Vehicle Excise Duty be scrapped and replaced with road tolls. This would offer substantial scope for private management of these systems.

Dynamic Technologies for Smarter Government: Unlocking Knowledge in the Web 2.0 Age

KPMG: July 2010

This paper explores how new technologies can be used to aid public service delivery.

Payment for Success - How to shift power from Whitehall to public service customers

KPMG: June 2010

By Alan Downey, Paul Kirby and Neil Sherlock

The report argues that if public sector productivity growth in the last decade had kept pace with productivity growth in the private sector the UK could have received the same quality and quantity of public service for £60 billion less per year.

Controlling Public Spending: Pay, Staffing and Conditions in the Public Sector

Policy Exchange: June 2010

By Ed Holmes and Andrew Lilico

This report argues the case for reducing public sector pay, pensions and other terms and conditions through comparison with the private sector. The report highlights and discusses the contribution such reforms could make to cutting the public deficit.

ISBN 978-1-906097-80-6

Roads to Recovery: Reducing congestion through shared ownership

Social Market Foundation: April 2010

By Ian Mulheirn and David Furness

This report argues the congestion that clogs up the road network is a major impediment to economic recovery as British employees and companies labour under the huge hidden costs of a creaking transport infrastructure.

Capable Communities - Public Service Reform: The next chapter

IPPR and PwC: February 2010

This paper looks at the role citizens and communities can play in directly producing services, and sets out the case for community empowerment, before examining how this important agenda can move from the margins to the mainstream of the policy agenda.

Win-Win: The leadership of private and third sector public service partnerships

CBI and ACEVO: 2010

This report discusses how private and third sector organisations deliver public services and how increasingly the two are working together to deliver optimum results.

Payment for Success – How to shift power from Whitehall to public service customers



Public services across Europe face enormous challenges—how to deliver more for a lot less; how to protect what the public really values in their services, rather than just what they are used to getting; how to motivate public service staff and providers; and how to create a sustainable culture of bottom-up.


Capable Communities: Towards Citizen-Powered Public Services


Everyone is talking about the ‘Big Society’ as part of the next stage of public service reform, but much of the discussion to date has been abstract rather than practical. Getting citizens more involved in the design and delivery of public services has real promise as a way of empowering citizens, improving outcomes and providing better value for money. But we need to understand much better how this agenda can be translated into practice


Public and Private: partners in the public interest


By Paul Hackett

The direction of travel in PPPs is clear, but, as the contributors to this monograph explain, there are still major challenges ahead and a lot more to do to provide the confidence and certainty that partners, stakeholders, investors and service users need.

The Smith Institute, ISBN 1 905370 27 X