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  • BSA Spring Budget Submission
    17 Feb 2017

  • BSA Autumn Statement submission to the Chancellor
    7 Sep 2016

  • Letter: Budget submission on devolution and local authorities
    25 Feb 2016

    Following the BSA's Budget submission to the Chancellor, the BSA sent an additional letter in light of the publication of the final local government finance settlement for England.

  • Letter: Budget 2016
    29 Jan 2016

    The BSA has published its submission to the Chancellor of the Exchequer ahead of the 2016 Budget.

  • Autumn Statement 2015 submission
    22 Oct 2015

    Letter to George Osborne laying out key priorities including improving productivity through business service use, the need for action regarding Fair Deal, the cost of employment to businesses, VAT reform at an EU level, and infrastructure investment and the infrastructure pipeline.

  • BSA response to Spending Review 2015
    8 Sep 2015

    This submission makes recommendations under the themes of: • Promoting innovation and greater collaboration in public services • Promoting growth and productivity, including through radical devolution of powers to local areas in England • Delivering high-quality public services, such as the NHS • Promoting choice and competition • Driving efficiency and value for money across the public sector

  • Letter: Summer Budget 2015
    5 Jun 2015

    Ahead of the emergency Budget on July 8th, the BSA has written to the Chancellor to outline its policy and tax priorities for economic growth and public sector efficiency.

  • Letter: Budget 2015
    12 Mar 2015

    The BSA wrote to the Chancellor and Shadow Chancellor ahead of Budget discussions to highlight our priorities for sustainable economic growth.

  • Autumn Statement 2014 submission
    13 Nov 2014

    Ahead of the 2014 Autumn Statement, the BSA has published its submission to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, outlining policy and tax priorities for our sector.

  • BSA pre-Budget submission 2014
    11 Feb 2014

    The BSA has published its submission to the Chancellor of the Exchequer ahead of the 2014 Budget.

  • Autumn Statement 2013 submission
    12 Nov 2013

    Ahead of the 2013 Autumn Statement on December the 5th, the BSA has outlined the policy and tax priorities of the outsourced and business services sector. In the submission we call for a continued push for open public services, steps to increase private investment in new infrastructure and tax reforms to level the playing field between providers of all sectors.

  • BSA spending review submission to HM Treasury
    20 May 2013

    BSA challenges Chancellor to build partnership of trust with the private sector - The BSA has published its spending review submission to the Treasury.

  • The BSA publishes a submission to the 2013 Budget
    18 Mar 2013

  • Autum Statement submission to the Chancellor
    15 Nov 2012

    The BSA has published its submission to the Chancellor of the Exchequer ahead of the Autumn Statement.

  • Simplifying the CRC Energy Scheme
    26 Jun 2012

    Consultation response to the recent CRC simplification.

  • Budget Submission 2012
    8 Feb 2012

    The BSA's Budget submission for 2012

  • Budget Submission 2011
    15 Dec 2010

    As part of our ongoing dialogue with HM Treasury, this submission makes the case that support and business service outsourcing should be considered part of the solution to the UK's fiscal problems.

  • Submission to Emergency Budget
    8 Jun 2010

    The BSA's submission to the new Chancellor's Emergency Budget aims to demonstrate that BSA members are ready and willing to help the new Coalition realise its objectives.

  • Budget Submission 2010
    11 Jan 2010

    The BSA's 2010 Budget Submission aims to counter the areas of institutional resistance to the principle of outsourcing. An increasingly robust and political response in challenging this culture for the benefit of the customer and taxpayer alike.

  • Pre-Budget Report Submission 2009/2010
    7 Dec 2009

    The BSA has used its pre-Budget report submission this year to stress the need to challenge the institutional resistance to the principle of outsourcing, to reform and simplify procurement processes at local and national level, and to maintain a stable and competitive rate of corporation tax.